Colac & District Pastoral & Agricultural Society at the Showgrounds

In 1859 a public meeting was held with Colac & district citizens to discuss the idea of establishing an Agricultural Society. The aim of this Society would be to exhibit the outputs of the land and improve standards in agriculture. The Society established an office at the old court house building (queen Street, Colac). The society consisted of 11 people plus a secretary to form the management group.

The Colac & District Pastoral & Agricultural Society call the Colac Show Grounds home, which are located on a 18 acre block surrounded by Bruce street, Chapel Street, Clarke Street & Murray street.

Today the Colac & District Pastoral & Agricultural Society has a General Committee consisting of up to 40 volunteer Colac & District citizens nominated to be committee members plus a secretary, from these members 11 are elected to form the Executive Committee for the Colac & District Pastoral & Agricultural Society.

These proud, passionate and diverse people all bring different experiences, skills and knowledge to the Society, taking the role of being custodians of the Colac Show Grounds very seriously, ensuring that future generations in the Colac & District area are able to enjoy, learn and experience all that the Agriculture, Horticulture and Pastoral sectors have to offer.

One of the main events to be held each year by the Society is the Colac Annual Show, which is held in November. The Colac Show is one of the oldest Agricultural & Horticultural shows still running in Victoria. In 2013 the show had its 150th year celebrations.

Over the years it has had a few name changes and event date changes but at the for front of the event has and is to display and exhibit all the amazing Agricultural, Horticultural & Pastoral products, along with providing some amazing entertainment for all ages to enjoy.

The Colac Show allows people from rural & city lifestyles to experience the wonders of what our district can offer, from the little calf to the masculine robust bull in the cattle area, the horse area where glossy well turned out riders & horses in the Show ring are presented, across to the amazing agility and ability of riders & hoses in the show jumping arena, then over to the Sheep pavilion where the magnificent fleeces are on show & Alpacas are paraded around.

The Homecraft Pavilion where the men and women’s cooking, decorating, sewing & crafting skills are on show and the amazing local school children’s work which is always a spectacular display.

The Horticultural display fills the pavilion with a brightness of floral arrangements and creativity, an array of Trade sites located in the Hall of Commerce. Outside the rides and entertainment thrill and excite and finally the brilliant Saturday night show of fire works and entertainment.

The Colac Show is one that is never half full.